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Application memory management for FT-991 & FT-991A
For DTMF codes you have to select the FT-991 default speakerphone (USB audio codec)
For information I program in C # and I did not find the way to select the sound card from the program. If you have an idea, I'm interested.
For Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10/32 and 64-bit
SAVING / RESTORING the SETUP MENU and memory of the FT-991(A)
(Download) help of the application
SETUP MENU settings editable from the application 
Backup of the micro gain,  power,  DG-ID on each button
The FT991(A) Memory application  does not use the registry !
22/03/2020 (Download)
29/01/2019 (Download)
Updated on Sunday, March 22, 2020 at 18:00:00
FT-991 setup menu by categories DISPLAY WXIRES-X / GM FM / RPT / PKT SSB AM RTTY DATA CW VOX / POWER PRMTRC AGC / NB / Filter CAT / SCAN / GPS / DVS
Parameter inputs Frequency VFO-A Frequency VFO-B Mode Shift & split Squelch level POWER MIC GAIN TONE / DCS DGID Sent directly to the FT-991
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Specifications Color display synchronized with the display of the FT-991 CTCSS, DCS, DGID and storage management Programming window frequency VFO-A, VFO-B, modes etc ... Many commands of the FT-991 menu Meter, IPO, Wide / NAR, AGC, ATT, PROC, VOX, REV, Shift, Contour, Notch etc ... 126 editable memory buttons Editable Text of group selection buttons Fast storage (frequency in the button name) Storing in the memory of the FT-991 (A) Display dBm and S point under test (click on dBm) Saving and restoring the Setup Menu FT-991(A) Setting the SETUP MENU Saving and restoring memory of the FT-991(A) Mouse wheel to change the frequency of VFO-A
DTMF commands keypads for generating DTMF codes in test French RRF DTMF codes to activate different salons in test In preparation for Graphical settings of the filters
Com port to use : Silicon Labs Dual CP210x USB to UART Bridge : Enhanced COM Port (COMXX) Connecting via the USB port of the FT-991 / Menu 31: 38400bps
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NEW The SAT command allows in SPLIT mode to vary the 2 frequencies VFO A and VFO B with the mouse wheel (QO- 100)